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Birlinn Publishing Limited

23 Dec

Visit the Birlinn Publishing Limited Website

BIRLINN LIMITED is an independent publishing house based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Established in 1992 by Managing Director Hugh Andrew.


logo-birlinnBirlinn publishes mostly non-fiction books, ranging from biography to history, military history and Scottish interest. The name comes from the old Norse word birlinn, meaning a long boat or small galley with 12 to 18 oars, used especially in the Hebrides and West Highlands of Scotland in the Middle Ages.

The Company
Birlinn Limited – a company producing local, national and international publications – is now the largest independent publishers in Scotland with an output of over 170 titles a year. With a keen eye on both tradition and innovation, management and staff at the company continue to be inspired by the country in which it is based – its rich literary heritage and its three hundred-year history of original and progressive publishing.

The Scottish market is undeniably Birlinn's strength and core market, and consolidation of that area is a high priority. In Scotland, Birlinn is represented by 3.5 'house' representatives provided by sister company Seol Limited, including Birlinn's Managing Director and driving force, Hugh Andrew. This commitment has proved a great strength in terms of supporting authors, communities and local, often independent, booksellers. The depth and range of publishing at local level is unparalleled; many remote, tiny islands and enclaves have their histories and stories, music and art, traditions and heritage recorded and brought to a wider  public by Birlinn.

Pay  the Birlinn website a visit for a wide variety of great books:



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