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Billy "The Beast" Ferris

07 Oct

Billy  "The Beast"  Ferris  stabbed  poor  Jason  Hutchison  15  times  while he lay in his bed sleeping  and  then  set  the  body  alight  in  an attempt  to  cover  his  tracks



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Jason Hutchison was stabbed 15 times at his Irvine home and his body set alight in a bid to cover the killer's tracks.

Billy Ferris, the brother of  notorious gangland figure Paul Ferris, had intended to attack Jason's brother, believing he had assaulted his wife.

Ferris, 53, had denied murder but was found guilty. The judge ordered him to spend at least 22 years behind bars.

Self-styled security consultant Ferris, from Sophia Crescent, Irvine, had previously served more than 20 years for murdering a 22-year-old man in the 1970s.

quote 921The High Court in Edinburgh heard that the attack in February was supposed to be revenge for an alleged assault on Ferris' wife, Carol Anne, by David Hutchison, now 19.

Fixing the minimum time Ferris must serve, the judge, Lady Smith, told him she was taking into account "the brutal nature of the killing which displayed a callous disregard for human life, the vulnerability of your sleeping victim - who had no quarrel with you - and you and your previous convictions".

As he was led from the dock Ferris sneered at members of the Hutchison family in the public benches.

Ferris had denied murdering Jason then setting fire to his mutilated body in an attempt to destroy evidence.

He also denied stealing a hi-fi and CDs, a games computer, clothes and other items.

jason brotherThe theft was an attempt to make the fatal assault look like a house-breaking which had gone wrong, it was claimed.

The trial had heard a chilling account of the murder from Lance McGuiness, 36, who was with Ferris on the night but claimed he was an innocent bystander.

His terrified girlfriend - who is under police protection - described how devastated McGuiness, slumped against a kitchen unit in their home in Troon, began to tell her of what he had seen.

Christine Bracey, 35, said McGuiness told her that Ferris had taken him into the house at Paterson Avenue, Irvine, and while there he heard a noise from a bedroom.

"He heard Ferris say 'pay-back time' and he saw the top of a head loll to one side," she had told the court.

"Lance told me that Billy told him that some time ago this bloke Hutchison gave his wife a good doing and damaged all her eye-socket, gave her a good beating and this was for pay-back."

Car exhaust evidence

The Crown had claimed McGuiness was Ferris' willing accomplice and may  even have held Jason's face pressed into a pillow as Ferris stabbed him but the jury cleared him of all charges.

Jason's charred body, wearing a Rangers' t-shirt, was found on a bed by fire-fighters called to his home in Paterson Avenue just after 0100 GMT on 6 February.

But a post mortem examination found he had died from knife wounds which had pierced his heart and sliced through his aorta.

house tributesWhen police began inquiries they discovered car exhaust sounds recorded on a neighbour's home made CCTV system from around the time of the murder.

Vibration tests run by a motor industry engineer concluded that the car visiting Paterson Avenue was a Honda Accord belonging to Ferris' wife.

The day after the murder a local authority  gardener, Darren Young, 31, stumbled on an Oasis CD in bushes.

It was a Christmas present to Jason from his mother, Ann Hutchison, and had been run over by a tyre with an unusual tread pattern. It matched a front wheel of the Honda.


Forensic scientists found Jason's blood in the car and also on the button of a jacket seized from Ferris' home.

In 1977, Ferris, then a 27-year-old living in Corby, Northamptonshire, was convicted of murder.

During a fight in a pub he had repeatedly stabbed 22-year-old Alan Thomson with a penknife. He was jailed for life but freed on parole in June 1999.


Below is a heartbreaking appeal for the killer - made by poor little Jason's mum and dad...


Thursday, 13 February, 2003, 12:58 GMT

 38812633 jasonparents300


The grief-stricken parents of a teenager who was murdered in his home before it was set on fire have made an appeal for information about his death.

Jason Hutchison's body was found in the burnt out flat in Paterson Avenue, Irvine, on Thursday morning.

Detectives, who expressed disappointment at the response to previous appeals for information, said Jason's killer started the fire in an attempt to destroy evidence. 38796231 flower150

The 15-year-old's parents, Anne and John Hutchison, addressed the media a week after the death and appealed for help in finding the murderer.

it is bad enoughMr Hutchison faltered as he read a prepared statement and the weeping couple left afterwards, with journalists' questions answered by investigating officers.

Jason's father said his son's death had "devastated his whole family".

Mr Hutchison said: "It is bad enough to lose a son but for him to have been murdered in such violent circumstances is difficult to cope with.

"His mum and I are finding it extremely hard to come to terms with his death.


"If you know something please let us know so that those who took our son from us are brought to justice."

Jason's mother had gone to work last Wednesday night and he was alone in the flat when he was attacked.

Police have been investigating a theory that the person or group of people responsible for Jason's murder had gone to the flat looking for someone else.

Although detectives in Ayrshire said they have made significant advances in their case, they have been very disappointed at the lack of information available from the public.

Detective Superintendent Stephen Heath said: "We've had to drag information from the public in the area.

"I have been on investigations of an emotive nature - and you see how emotive this is - where we have had up to 100 messages or phone calls from the public in the first two or three days.

"I think when I checked this morning we had 12 phone calls."

we are dealingMr Heath said officers were trying to find out information about a car parked outside Jason's home from about 2330 GMT last Wednesday.

He said he could not give details about the car but it was believed to have been of significance to the investigation.




Here at the our hearts go out to the Hutchinson family despite this appauling horror having taken place back in February 2003. Rest In Peace Jason! Users of this website can show their love and support to the Hutchinson's by sending messages via the contact facility. We will pass on any messages we receive.

Sincere thanks,
The Glasgow Curse Team.


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