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Arthur Jay Harris

01 Nov

True  crime  author  ARTHUR JAY HARRIS  from  Florida  USA - read  some  of  his  work  it  really  is  amazing


arthur-jay-harris-imageArthur Jay Harris is a Florida investigative journalist and author of five true crime books. His work always seems to contradict official police stories. Searching for the truth, he starts with what the police have done then goes deeper and farther. His stories are always dramatic roller coaster rides, constantly re-evaluating everything known up to that point. Conclusions jumped to too early flip on their heads, again and again. In the end, much more is known but frustratingly, not everything. Convictions have already happened, based on much less information. Everything missing has intentionally been hidden by one side or another. What’s a criminal justice system to do?

Serial-killer-His most recent work, Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh, now a two-book series,book-cover-harris questions the most basic assumptions of a famous U.S. case—the murder of a six-year-old, taken from a shopping mall in 1981. In his grief, Adam Walsh’s father John Walsh later became a television host of a long-running crime-fighting reality show. Harris’s first book doubts the police evidence of the killer; he found seven police witnesses who identified Jeffrey Dahmer as the man who took Adam, contradicting the police’s official conclusion. But his second book doubts that Adam Walsh was even murdered. Instead, the severed head of a child found two weeks later and identified as Adam Walsh was misidentified. To prove that, he shows document and photographic evidence he gathered from recently-released public records. So now there are two new questions: Who is the child who was found (who never got a homicide investigation), and could Adam still be alive? Harris can’t answer the first but strongly believes the answer to the second is Yes.      



Speed Kills:

Speed Kills investigates the murder of the most famous fast-boat builder and racer of his era, Don Aronow, killed in broad daylight outside his boat shop in 1987, when Miami was still the center of drug smuggling from South America. Aronow invented the Cigarette boat, the fastest boat on the water, and sold them to royalty, CEOs, the CIA, and his friend George H.W. Bush, but mostly to smugglers for cash. After ten years of investigation, did police get enough of the story to be rightart-harris-image about the conviction?



Bordering a canal leading to Biscayne Bay, a short dead-end stretch of Northeast 188th Street in Miami was the crossroad of the Americas in the mid-1980s for the biggest drug smugglers into the U.S.; the guys who ripped off the drug smugglers; the biggest South American drug suppliers; competing federal agencies investigating major drug trafficking and money laundering; the CIA, covertly advancing the Contra war against Central American land reform (which they called Cuban-sponsored communism); some of the highest national politicians in the country--and what attracted them all there, the most famous fast-boat companies in the world.

On that splashy boulevard of (wet) dreams factories built marine magazine-ad ultra-sleek gleaming speedboats ostensibly for racers, royalty to show off on the Côte d'Azur, and wealthy divorced or divorcing middle-age overweight men to pick up South Florida's sun-soaked hot chicks in string bikinis (while the rest of us unwashed wondered how they did it), but the boat builders' real business was fueling an arms race between smugglers, who purchased them for cash, and Drug War feds to catch smugglers.

The storied creator of the quantum-leap faster Cigarette boat, against which all other "penis" boats were measured, as well as a two-time powerboat racing world champion and the personification of a sport in which people crazily risked their lives and bodies to win--not to mention a wicked ladies' man to boot, Don Aronow was shot and killed in broad daylight in front of his factory in 1987. Police found they didn't just have a murder mystery--they had Murder on the Orient Express.

FEBRUARY 3, 1987
USA Racing Team, Miami, Florida

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