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New London Writers

25 Dec

NEW  LONDON  WRITERS  are  an  outfit  specializing  in assisting  writers,  authors  and  agents  alike  to  succeed!



Alice-Wickam-imageNEW LONDON WRITERS began as a street zing in the late 1990s, endorsed by the late, great Quentin Crisp, (who was a contributor) and A P Watt, (a subscriber). They published street poets, and writers. These days, their intention is broadly similar; to promote a collaborative network of writers, publishers and literary agents. They are interested in published or unpublished writers. Those whose works they feel deserve recognition.

Writing is a reckless act; it's a joy and a misery in equal measure. Good writing takes skill, perseverance and hard graft. New London Writers believe that anyone who undertakes such daunting work deserves a medal, or a spell in the Priory, or both.

As a literary agency, they intend on playing their role in the preservation of the species; those multifarious thought forms that transmute well into text energies. As such, they don't want to put a boundary on the work they accept. They are open to all styles and forms. Ideas are what matter. Ideas that are well expressed, and translate well on the page.

Here at we really appreciate New London Writers work ethos and can vouch for them wholeheartedly. Samples of your work can be sent directly to the Editor, Alice Wickam, so why not pay  her  website a visit for further details and information.


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